Snr Postilion Engineer

Western Cape
Snr Postilion Engineer required in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town with 3-4 years Postilion Real-time and Postilion Office configurations experience. SQL scripting to query and update database content, and  Linux and Windows OS skills advantageous.
Support, analyse and maintain real-time specific environments and tools used within the switching department. Have excellent problem-solving skills in order to identify issues timeously and to resolve any reported problems. Assess the severity of the incident or problem and determine an appropriate approach to resolving problems. Offer world class service to clients and internal stakeholder teams.
  • Support the production environment, perform system upgrades, security, and disaster recovery.
  • Setup and configure the production environment (new sites, versions etc.)
  • Store loads and associated configurations hot cards, bins etc.
  • Provide support functions to internal teams and clients
  • Extensive troubleshooting of Postilion, Realtime, office and Esocket.pos
  • Ensure that communication channels are established with all clients at a technical level
  • Investigating production related queries raised by business or external parties
  • Ensure that adequate testing has taken place before implementing new systems or changes to existing systems
  • Provides ongoing support to both internal and external customers &colleagues
  • Mean time to repair: Analysis, diagnosis, resolution
  • Work with multiple teams and customers to resolve issues
  • Ensure that feedback is given to both management and clients
  • Help and support customers to integrate
  • Create and maintain documents for implementations, processes, and procedures
  • 4+ years Postilion Real-time and Postilion Office configurations experience
  • Proven track record for detailed investigation, analysis with extensive troubleshooting experience of real- time applications
  • Providing after hours support for multiple real-time systems, troubleshooting and periodic maintenance
  • SQL scripting to query and update database content advantageous
  • Linux and Windows OS skills advantageous
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills
  • Be self-driven and have high energy levels
  • Be organized and assertive and the ability to work under pressure
  • Be a logical thinker
  • Be able to work independently with a high level of responsibility
The company offers very competitive salaries.
Only apply if you have the relevant experience!
If you have what is required, then please apply with your comprehensive CV and a skills matrix.
Snr Postilion Engineer